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Home Additions


A home addition not only drastically increases the livability in a home but also increases the value of a home. The need for a home addition can come from a variety of circumstances that make living space a bit tighter. Many homeowners who once bought a starter home, are now living in the same homes years later and need the addition for an expanding family, or to accommodate for elderly parents. There are also homeowners who bought their properties with the idea in mind to one day add a home addition for increased value.

Think Big

Our Foundations Are Built With ICF

ICF 1.jpg
ICF 2.jpg

Why does Walnut Ridge Builders build ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) products? Well there lots of benefits over traditional form concrete including: maximum energy efficiency, superior strength, lower overall maintenance costs, and healthier indoor living and working environments. ICF products also means know that your new home or addition will have better R-value and thermal performance when compared to stick or metal buildings.

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Home Office

Whether you are operating a business out of your home, working remotely, or managing a household  we can build an ergonomic space that reflects your unique style. Some things to consider while mapping out the location of your new home office include, sound travel, natural light and storage functionality.


Walnut Ridge Builders has helped their clients maximize their home additions with fresh work space and has seen a growing trend of clients adding such features as skylights, camera friendly lighting and work stations for children

When considering a home gym, some people are deterred because they think a home gym will take up too much space. They may also be worried about the costs of buying all the home gym equipment they will need.

Another reason why some people prefer home gyms is that it allows them to work out in the privacy of their own home. The desire for privacy could be due to a number of reasons. Other people may just prefer to have their own home gym because that way they won’t have to wait on someone to use any of the gym equipment. The idea of sharing equipment isnt for everyone.


Whatever the reason, there are many basement workout room ideas you can implement to create a home gym you love. Walnut Ridge Builders has seen such trends as Ozone ceiling fans, skylights and refrigeration units all being added to recent gym builds

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Home Gym

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