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Designing Your Dream

Our clients know that they want to build a custom home but aren't sure where or how to start the process. It can seem like a large mountain to climb on your own but this is where Walnut Ridge Builder comes in. We’re here to help all of our clients create a custom home they are happy with for years and generations to come. When working with our clients to design their custom home, there are some key features we always ask them to consider so that we can create a timeless space.


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1st Time Building New?


Meet With Our Project Coordinator


Design : Appointment with our accredited designers


Estimates and Budgeting


Time Lines and Contracts


Building Permits


Product Selections


Construction and Management


Punch List and Final Sign Off


Location Selection

As much as you will be living with your new home you will also be living with the location. We have experience in new lot development, current home tear downs and building on current structure. Keep in mind you should choose a location that suits the blueprints and overall goals of your custom home. The lot will need to be large enough to hold your home and have enough outdoor space you want for you and your family. You not only need to think about your future lot itself but also the surrounding area and its development as well. You will have to ask yourself if the future setting has the accessibility to your surroundings that you will need ie the schools, doctors offices and grocery stores that you will use on a daily basis. Some other things to consider is the municipality your lot falls under and how this may affect your goals for the property. If you like having out door fires or what you space to have a large pond or utility building these are things to consider.

Design and Functional Features

Designs and fads come and go in home design with that being said our goal is to be aware of these changing trends and advise our clients on what to look for. A single design can become timeless but too may niece items in one space can date a home. You may remember when mirrored walls where a trend but we all still have functional mirrors in our rooms. This is an example of too much of one thing vs pops of trend that can be easily changes out as time moves on. The best approach is to then use these guides and research to help you pick similar elements for your home that are more timeless options. We like to encourage clients to choose classic features that will not need to be replaced for years to come yet are still stylish and suit their current design wants.  

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Functional Is A Style

Future Value

Always have your future needs in mind when planning your ideal custom home. It may not be a case of knowing your future self but making decisions that have function and future value. It smart to do a little planning and be prepared for certain scenarios. You could consider how much you want your family to grow and build extra bedrooms to accommodate more family members in the future. You can always use the unused bedrooms as guest rooms, sitting rooms, or office spaces. You can also think about the flip side of this scenario. As your family starts to age, will you have parents looking to move in with you? If this is the case, then design your custom home to be able to accommodate them in the future. How about your kids as they grow older, will they eventually move out and not need a permanent room at your place? Design your dream space to be adaptable once they move out so that you can get the most use of every room in your home.

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Doll House View Planning

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