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About Us

Walnut Ridge Builders specializes in home renovations, restorations and custom builds. We offer over 45 years of experience in the home building industry and we offer exceptional service to meet your needs.

Carpenter at Work

Our Story

Walnut Ridge Builders is a professional home building, renovation and contracting company that specializes in project management and residential renovations. 

The company was founded on the strong belief of providing high quality residential services, while also building strong client relationships in the process. The Walnut Ridge Builders team works hard to guide you along every step of the renovation process, maintaining open and ongoing communication, while helping to set realistic expectations and timelines with you.


Walnut Ridge Builders owner Peter is a second generation carpenter by trade, who has brought together a group of individuals that share his passion for quality work. He has built a fantastic team of extremely skilled, licensed, and professional trades people in order to execute an efficient renovation project, while maintaining a focus on cleanliness during the entire process. We take pride in providing a highly personal touch to all of our projects, which continues to be a company quality standard. 

Whether you are looking for a full home build, a bathroom update, or anything in between, Walnut Ridge Builders prides them selves in bringing your creative vision to life.

Our Mission Statement


At Walnut Ridge Builders we believe in doing what is right, not what is easy, cheap, popular or convenient and we do so without excuse and regardless of the cost


We speak candidly and respectfully, we endeavor to be self aware, authentic and without political agenda. We will always tell the truth and will applaud those who bring forward issues and ideas that allow us to improve


We care deeply about our community and understand that our investment of time and other resources is not to obtain reciprocation, but because we have a responsibility to share our good fortunes and expertise for the betterment of all around us

Team Work 

The good of the team comes before the personal comfort or agenda of any individual team member. We will stand in front, beside or behind our team members as the circumstance requires and will operate like a cohesive unit creating great trust. We all uphold our end of the bargain so our teammates can trust us



We strive to be better in everything we do, every experience we create, every relationship we have and in every segment we compete. We are students of our craft and pursue improvement at every turn. We will not settle for "best" because our quest to improve doesn't have a finish line. 

Work Ethic


We will always "show up" and put forth an honest effort. We understand that often that hardest worker outperforms the best equipped, best planned and most talented. Our work ethic will be a competitive advantage. We remain humble and embody a "red belt mentality" to remain engaged and ambitious

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